Normal to Dry Skin

Moisturizing* Cares

The skin of the face is very thin. That is why it is sensitive to external aggressions, sun or bad weather. It can quickly dry out. Badly nourished, it does not play its role of barrier. Using moisturizing cares is needed to nourish the skin on a daily basis.
If your skin feels tight and it shows signs of dryness, we will recommend to nourish your skin with the Dermo Active Collagen & Elastin Treatment (Mask, Complex and Cream).


1. Clean

Milk Cleanser

– Cleanses the skin
– Removes make-up and impurities from the epidermis.
– Brings a sensation of comfort.

Ref. BASIC/MILK200 – Bottle 200ml
Available in 500ml bottle for professional use : BASIC/MILK500

2. Exfoliate

Glycolic Acid Peeling 10%

– Removes dead cells
– Slows down pigmentation and reduces the aspect of blemishes
– Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines


Ref. PEEL02/50 – Bottle with pipette 50ml

Peel Neutralizer

This Peel Neutralizer has specially been developed for a post-peeling use in order to restore the skin pH and contribute to fighting against irritations. Its specific soothing actives allow to bring back comfort to the skin.

Ref. PEEL/LONEU500 – Bottle with pump 500ml

3. Moisturizing

Collagen & Elastin Dermo Active Cream Mask

– Contributes to cellular renewal and skin elasticity
– Brings moisturization*
– Helps to slow down early cutaneous aging


Ref. DACMASK100/7 – Jar 100ml
Available in jar 250ml for professional use : DACMASK250/7

Collagen & Elastin Dermo Active Complex

– Slows down cutaneous ageing process
– Brings hydration* and comfort to the skin
– Selectively improves collagen synthesis


Ref. B0035/7 – Bottle with pipette 30ml
Available in box of 7 units x 1,5 ml for professional use : B00157/7

Collagen & Elastin Dermo Active Cream

– Helps to moisturize* and heal the skin
– Improves skin elasticity and tonifies it
– Promotes youthful appearance


Ref. B0050/7 – Tube 50ml
Available in bottle 150ml with pump for professional use : B0150/7


– Contributes to cellular renewal and helps moisturize* the skin
– Favors collagen synthesis
– Slows down the cutaneous ageing process


Included in this kit :
– 1 Cream Mask 100ml
– 1 Complex 30ml
– 1 Cream 50ml

* Upper layers of the epidermis