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Cellular Renewal

The epidermis is constantly on a cellular renewal. This natural process of desquamation consists on the removal of dead cells, then on their renewal every 28 days.

Dedicated to the restructuring and the perfection of the skin, Cellular Renewal Treatment favors the regeneration of cells and the upper layers of the epidermis to give a glowing complexion.

Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) plays an important role in this treatment. It improves the quality of the skin and corrects efficiently the signs of ageing. By inhibiting the cellular ageing process, the actives cells revive the production of elastin and collagen. EGF makes the skin more elastic, giving its healthy glow.


1. Clean

Peel Cleanser

– Removes impurities from the epidermis
– Brings a sensation of freshness
– Has an “anti-pollution” action

Ref. PEEL/CLEAN75 – Tube 75ml
Available in bottle with pump 500ml for professional use : PEEL/CLEAN500

2. Exfoliate

Glycolic Acid Peeling 10%

– Removes dead cells
– Slows down pigmentation and reduces the aspect of blemishes
– Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines


Ref. PEEL02/50 – Bottle with pipette 50ml

Peel Neutralizer

This Peel Neutralizer has specially been developed for a post-peeling use in order to restore the skin pH and contribute to fighting against irritations. Its specific soothing actives allow to bring back comfort to the skin.

Ref. PEEL/LONEU500 – Bottle with pump 500ml

3. Moisturizing

EGF Cream Mask

– Stimulates cell renewal
– Moisturizes* and tones the skin
– Provides a better skin radiance and complexion


Ref. EGF/MASK75 – 75 ml tube

EGF Serum

– Accelerates cell renewal
– Moisturizes* and tones the skin
– Provides a better skin radiance and complexion
– Improves the appearance of the skin

Ref. EGF/SER30 – 30 ml bottle with pipette

EGF Day Cream

– Stimulates cell renewal
– Reduces skin aging process
– Provides a glowing complexion



Ref. EGF/CREAM50 – 50 ml jar

* Upper layers of the epidermis