Facial Peel-Off Masks


Enriched with targeted active ingredients, the BeautyMed Facial Peel-Off Masks offer a pleasant texture and a great moment of well-being. Easy to mix with water, they never leak during the application and can be readily removed in one piece thanks to the alginate elastic and resistant properties, leaving a sensation of freshness and the complexion radiant.

Directions for use


Mix briskly 30g (0.066Lbs) of powder with 90ml (0.20Lbs) of water in a recipient, for about 1min30, in order to avoid the formation of lumps.


Apply a thick layer on the face and neck with a spatula. Leave it on for 20 minutes.


Remove the mask starting from the neck. Use a damp cotton pad to remove residues.

The products

Chitosan Peel-Off Mask - Hydrating*

– Enhances cellular renewal and shows healing properties
– Provides hydration*
– Restores skin elasticity and softness


Showing primordial healing properties and enhancing cellular renewal, this Chitosan Peel-Off Mask provides hydration* to the skin and restores its natural elasticity and softness. The complexion is glowing.

Ref. BCHIT/07 – Bucket 700g

Chlorophyll Peel-Off Mask - Anti-Wrinkles

– Helps to prevent cutaneous from ageing
– Improves skin elasticity


While improving skin elasticity, this Chlorophyll Peel-Off Mask helps to prevent cutaneous from ageing thanks to its antioxidant properties.

Ref. BCHLO/07 – Bucket 700g

Collagen Peel-Off Mask- Anti-Aging

– Improves cellular renewal and skin elasticity
– Brings a sensation of hydration*
– Helps to smooth and strengthen the epidermis


With anti-ageing properties contributing to improving cellular renewal and skin elasticity, this Collagen Peel-Off Mask provides hydration* and gives radiance to the complexion, allowing cells cohesion, smoothing and strenghtening the skin.

Ref. BCOLL/07 – Bucket 700g

Ginger Peel-Off Mask- Firming

– Stimulating and antioxidant properties
– Helps to prevent cutaneous from ageing


With stimulating and antioxidant properties, this Ginger Peel-Off Mask helps to prevent from cutaneous ageing by protecting the epidermis from free-radicals. The complexion looks brighter and the skin firmer.

Ref. BGING/07 – Bucket 700g

Marine Clay Peel-Off Mask- Purifying

– Purifying, revitalizing, softening properties
– Re-mineralizes the epidermis


With purifying, revitalizing and softening properties, this Marine Clay Peel-Off Mask unclogs pores and brings a re-mineralizing action, restoring a radiant complexion.

Ref. BCLAY/07 – Bucket 700g

Vitamin C Peel-Off Mask - Whitening

– Slows down melanin synthesis
– Lightens the skin tone
– Reduces the appearance of age-related blemishes


With important antioxidant properties, this Vitamin C Peel-Off Mask slows down melanin synthesis and lightens the skin tone, reducing the appearance of age-related blemishes.

Ref. BVITC/07 – Seau 700g

*Upper layers of the epidermis
** Chlorophyll and Vitamine C Peel-Off Masks excluded