Super Concentrated Serums


To give precise and efficient answers to specific skincare demands, BeautyMed developped Super Concentrated Serums with targeted effects. With their fluid and light textures, they put their meticulously chosen actives to the service of efficiency and well-being and offer skincare solutions of professional quality.

Directions for use

Energizing Eye Contour
Super Concentrate

Breack the neck of the phial to release the product and, morning and/or evening, on a clean and dry skin, apply the serum by tapping gently with fingertips on the eye contour targeted area and smooth it from the internal towards the external corner of the eye until the product is completely absorbed.

Super Concentrated Serums

Breack the neck of the phial to release the product and, morning and/or evening, on a clean and dry skin, apply onto face and neck with light circular motions until the serum is completely absorbed.

The products

Eye Energizing Contour Super Concentrated

– Offers anti-aging properties
– Helps to maintain cutaneous hydration*
– Stimulates cells metabolism


Particularly adapted to the eye sensitive area, this specific care stimulates cells metabolism and offers an anti-age efficacy, reducing the fine lines appearance. It helps to soothe the skin, moisturize* and smooth this targeted zone, bringing at the same time a cool sensation and brightening the look.

Ref. B70046/10 – Box of 10 units x 4ml

Aging Defense Super Concentrate

– Brings an immediate and long-term hydration*
– Protects the skin from early signs of aging
– Helps to firm the epidermis

This specific care gathers selected hydrating* and anti-aging actives to restore skin elasticity and beauty. By favoring the cellular communication, it helps to restructure the epidermis and fights against the early signs of aging, reducing wrinkles and fine lines depth. Thanks to the moisturizing* properties of this serum, the skin feels more comfortable,supple… and looks healthier and younger!

Ref. B10046/10 – Box of 10 units x 4ml

Skin Clarifying Super Concentrate

– Helps to clarify the skin
– Reduces DNA damages due to UV
– Even the skin tone and reduces hyperpigmentation spots

Thanks to a high concentration of whitening actives, this serum brings a clarifying effect, reducing hyperpigmentation blesmishes and evening the complexion. With its fluid and light texture offering a real moment of well-being, this specific care brightens the skin tone and gives it back its natural radiance.

Ref. B50046/10 – Box of 10 units x 4ml

Super Rich Moisturizing* Super Concentrate

– Contributes to cutaneous hydration*
– Has restructuring and softening properties
– Brings a tensing effect

With a high concentration of Chitosan, renown for its power of hydration*, this specific serum nourishes the epidermis and brings a filmogen effect, leaving it more supple and comfortable. Thanks to its restructuring properties, it helps to cellular renewal, fights against early signs of aging and helps tense and firm the skin up. A must-have for a younger and healthier-looking skin!

Ref. B60046/10 – Box of 10 units x 4ml

Sebo-Normalizing Super Concentrate

– Contributes to reduce sebum excess
– Helps to soften imperfections and purify the complexion
– Brings a sensation of freshness

Thanks to its exclusive active complex, this serum reduces the excess of sebum and contributes to softening cutaneous irritations while protecting and revitalizing the epidermis. Also offering soothing and tonifying properties, it brings a pleasant sensation of freshness to oily skin and/or with problems as well as a more tonic and radiant complexion.

Ref. B90046/10 – Box of 10 units x 4ml

* Upper layers of the epidermis