Skin Fusion


As a real technical revolution, the SKIN FUSION line brings innovation : the powders of this line turn into a skincare when simply in contact with the skin. Enriched with active ingredients, they literally melt when applied and bring their topical effects to the epidermis, leaving the skin tone indisputably matter.

Directions for use

Before a day cream and on a clean and dry skin, put a small knob of the Skin Fusion on the fingertip and apply the powder delicately onto the targeted area.

The products

Skin Fusion Caviar

– Improves cellular renewal
– Stimulates and regenerates the skin
– Offers antioxidant properties

Stimulating, revitalizing and protective, the Caviar Skin Fusion offers regenerating properties to the skin thanks to its vitamins and essential amino acids. Thus, it helps to cellular renewal and contributes to give back freshness and glow to the skin.

Ref. BSKFCAV2/5 – Box of 5 units x 4ml

Skin Fusion Marine Collagen

– Stimulates cells renewal
– Contributes to cutaneous moisturization*
– Reduces wrinkles and fine lines appearance

The Marine Collagen of this skincare brings considerable hydrating* and firming properties which help to give back to the skin its suppleness and elasticity. It reduces wrinkles and fine lines appearance and, combined with the Green Tea and Sage extracts, contributes to stimulating, revitalizing and protecting the epidermis, restoring a glowing complexion.

Ref. BSKFCOL2/5 – Box of 5 units x 4ml

Skin Fusion Vitamin C

– Brings a whitening action
– Helps to purify the epidermis
– Offers antioxidant and revitalizing properties
– Restores a glowing complexion

Thanks to the Vitamin C included in its formulation, this skincare restores a glowing complexion and clarifies the skin tone while bringing a purifying action sustained by the Green Tea extracts it contains. Dynamizing and revitalizing, it leaves the epidermis firmer, contributes to protect it from external aggressions and gives it back its natural tonicity and matte aspect.

Ref. BSKFVIC2/5 – Box of 5 units x 4ml

* Upper layers of the epidermis
** Skin Fusion Caviar excluded