Eye Beauty Care


Because the eye contour is a very sensitive and fragile area, BeautyMed developped a specific anti-aging, soothing and hydrating* Eye Care Line.
They gently take care of this vulnerable area to bring it back comfort and beautify your look.

The products

Eyes Wrinkle Filler

– Immediate wrinkles filling effect
– Immediate tensing effect
– Long term smoothing effect
– Brings hydration* and comfort
– Improves skin firmness and tonus


Innovating specific unctuous and creamy skincare, this Wrinkles Filler optimizes its anti-aging efficacy thanks to its high concentration of actives. Its Hyaluronic Acid Complex and Oat extracts help it to improve the epidermis firmness and tonus, fighting effectively against the signs of skin aging. It helps to fight the process of cutaneous inflammations and brings hydration* to the skin thanks to its marin active. Wrinkles filling is visible from the application and gives the look a new expression of beauty.

Ref. BEYE/FILLER15 – Tube with nozzle 15ml
Available in jar 100ml for professional use : BEYE/FILLER100

Eye Contour Serum

– Brings a sensation of appeasement and freshness
– Helps to maintain cutaneous hydration*
– Fights against signs of skin aging


Particularly adapted to the eye contour and its sensibility, this Eye Contour Serum brings an high sensation of appeasement while stimulating cells metabolism. Thus, it favors the fight against skin aging and helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, preserving the depth of the expressions.

Ref. BEYE/SER15 – Bottle with pump 15ml

Eye Contour Cream

– Protects the eye contour
– Prevents early tissue from aging
– Offers antioxidant properties


Light and unctuous, this cream protects and revitalizes the eye contour. Thanks to the Vitamin E antioxidant properties and to Cornflower extracts, it soothes the skin and prevents early skin from aging to underline the look and restore its glow.

Ref. BEYE/CREAM15 – Bottle with pump 15ml

* Upper layers of the epidermis