Vitamin Essentials


To preserve and enhance all the precious qualities of the vitamins and optimize their efficiency, BeautyMed isolated them. Thus, their action is more immediate and targeted but also extended thanks to the specific formulation of the serum enclosed in the hermetic glass flask. Blended together, they turn into an efficient skincare dedicated to the skin’s well-being and beauty.

Directions for use

1. Serum preparation

Pull strongly on the white plastic top to release the powder into the bottle. Replace this white plastic top with the pipette. Mix briskly for about 5 seconds and leave it for the Vitamin to dissolve with the serum. Mix briskly once again for about 5 seconds.

2. Product use

Then, on clean and dry skin, apply the serum onto face and neck with circular motions until the product is completely absorbed.
This serum can be used at any time of the year according to the needs, whether on a daily basis with a daily cream, or as a treatment on a 3 weeks period.

The products

Vitamin A Serum

– Stimulates cells growth
– Fights against the process of skin aging
– Contributes to moisturize* the skin


Thanks to its exceptional concentration of Vitamin A, this serum offers the skin regenerating properties to help limit the process of cutaneous aging and protect it from external aggressions. This skincare stimulates cellular metabolism and contributes to hydrate* the skin, leaving it more comfortable, suppler, softer and firmer.

Ref. BCOF/VITA – Box of 4 units x 6ml

Vitamin C Serum

– Improves skin firmness and tonus
– Brightens the skin tone
– Offers regenerating properties
– Contributes to skin hydration*


With a 100% concentration in the formula** and renown for its clarifying properties, the Vitamin C brightens the skin tone and helps to hide tiredness signs and reduce brown spots. It also participates to collagen synthesis and thus, favors the skin firmness and elasticity thanks to its regenerating action. This skincare contributes to cutaneous hydration* and restores the skin softness and fine texture for a natural radiant and glowing complexion.

Ref. BCOF/VITC – Box of 4 units x 6ml

Vitamin E Serum

– Protects from free radicals and external aggressions
– Contributes to reduce the skin reactivity
– Prevents cutaneous from aging
– Helps to moisturize* the skin


With its protective and anti-radical action, its regenerating effects, its hydrating* properties, etc… the Vitamin E brings this skincare a real revitalizing and soothing efficacy. It contributes to reduce cutaneous reactivity, protects from external aggressions and helps to prevent skin from aging by stimulating the cellular metabolism. Thus, the skin finds back its natural softness, comfort and vitality.

Ref. BCOF/VITE – Box of 4 units x 6ml

*Upper layers of the epidermis
**Of the vitamin powder